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February 16, 2011


Erin @ Wild Whispers

Socks seem to crawl for me no matter how exciting the pattern. It looks great!


I read that book last year with my book club, it was really good, I loved the dog :)


Enzo!!! Enjoy Charity!


I've been saving leftover sock yarn to do the contrasting heel and toes. I like the black heel.
I've also been knitting a bit here and there these days and I would love to get back to some reading too :)
have a great weekend, Charity!


I forgot about the yarn along again this week - I must be getting old and forgetful, LOL!

I haven't made an adult pair of socks in a long time, but I did get a couple of kids sized ones done earlier this year. I'm still on my hat knitting craze and am just about finished my 3rd once since my last blog post (which has a hat pattern of my own). I really need to make something other than hats and change things up a little, LOL!

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