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March 09, 2011



Looks like a great book.
And I do like a cardi that I can wear with everything, still looking for the right patern though. I'm sure yours is going to be great!


i like the cardigan!! another one added to the queue! the book sounds interesting, however...i don't think i'll ever be wishing for a chicken coop:)

Amy V

Interesting book...popping in to say hi as part of Yarn Along


I have the same book in my bookshelf but I haven't started it yet :) I've been feeling pretty blah too. Blame it on the weather and the crazy amount of snow. I've been having my own pity party the last couple weeks...


Sometimes it's good to go with the flow and not worrying about picking up the knitting needles for a while. At this time of the year black yarn doesn't do much as food for the soul. Just sayin' :)

Sorry to hear you're fighting a cold! There's a nasty bug(s) going around. Took me almost 2 weeks to shake a viscous bug.

Your reading selections sound great. Just the ticket for getting past the final winter funks. Start with a small garden of your favorite, easy to grow plants then enlarge a bit every year. At least that way worked well for us - gardens can be very time demanding but the produce is so worth it!


A friend of mine is a beekeeper (best honey around) but she was stung on NYday! And she's allergic. She still has them though. She says she wasn't careful.

I hope you feel better soon! Maybe give in and wallow? Might help to rest & fight back. On a nice cellular level, rather than dragging yourself around.

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