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March 23, 2011



I love having small take along projects like socks. Cool yarn, too. Good luck on your paper.

My yarn along link is http://blog.mymummyknits.com/yarn-along-13/


I like your yarn! It's always great to have a project to grab when you're on the go!

Sounds like a fun class - hope the work load settles down for you, though!


It's really interesting seeing how much knitting, reading and everything you seem to be fitting into your days. I feel bogged down by my lists of 'to do's that I'm getting nowhere slowly. you'll have to let me in on your secret!!
Good luck with your class - it sounds really interesting and a good excuse to watch some good films :)


Makes me want to knit some socks :)


I didn't even realize Alfred Hitchcock was married. Sounds like a marvelous paper! There's no time. None. Hence the term "carving". (Do I sound time crunched? I need some time management skills stat! So far, not so much...)

Carry around projects are necessities.


Oh that pattern is gorgeous - will look great in that pretty yarn. Love the little cardi from your previous post and exciting decision about your studies.

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