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April 11, 2011



I've been wanting to order some of those lids for the canning season. I haven't used them yet but I've had my sight set on them for a while. Have you ordered any yet? I was about to then the shipping cost scared me away. Perhaps we could put in an order together and split the shipping cost. Let me know :)


Wow, thanks for the tip on the canning lids! I was wondering to get past the BPA dilemma. I will have to order some before canning this year.
The chutney looks yummy...how does your family enjoy it? I have case of mangos that I would love to make into salsa but I don't know if they will last long enough once I start cutting them up and children start pouring out of the woodwork to devour them.


Mmm... that chutney looks YUM! Love to hear how the reuseable lids go. They look like a good idea.

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