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June 29, 2011



so happy you're knitting these!


Love the colour! I started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a few years ago, but I never finished it. I think the start was a bit to slow for me...


It is a complete shame she is no longer dyeing yarn...that sock is gorgeous!!!

I have read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn several times and I really like it. I should go and read it again. Wonder where my copy is....


Glad you are continuing the socks, they look pretty.
I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when I was a teenager and then again when I was older. Loved it, very touching. I wish my local library keeps these old books. They seem to stock only new titles these days and horrors (to me at least) they sell the books away every few years!!! It's very difficult to find old titles in my library these days :(

julie k

I've wanted to read that book, too. Just put it on my library wish list. Love the sock. They yarn is beautiful!


I love the colorway, too bad they are not dyeing yarn anymore. I think I did knit that pattern.


I've knit that pattern! Looks terrific from here. My Mom was a big, big reader and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was her favorite book. I've got it on the shelf, maybe I should give it a try!

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