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July 17, 2011



Yay for FOs, sock mojo and I think they should be for you - you deserve the nice stuff too :)


They are lovely and you are very deserving of the benefits of your own skills :)

I have knit socks before, more than once, when I cast on for me, loving the pattern and the yarn and the process but at some point in the knitting realized that they weren't for me. Every time that's happened I've had the pleasure of creation and the joy of gifting to the person they were meant for.


Excellent work!


They are LOVELY! That is a great pattern and so nice for beautiful variegated yarn. Let's hear it for sock mojo. :)


They've come out beautifully Charity! I think they may be meant for you! Nothing like a pair of socks said and done.


The look great! I haven't made adult sized socks in ages. I've been mostly sticking to kids items because they go quicker, lol. So far, this year has been mostly a year of hats, but I did finished a kids size 2-4 pair of socks a few weeks ago (on my blog).


They are pretty! Here's to more socks!


so lovely! i can't wait until i'm back into full-time knitting...i have a hankering for sock knitting.


Those socks are positively delightful and you should keep them for yourself. Those yellows and pinks and reds look so summery and happy and unlike most variegated yarn projects (mine, anyway) the colors work so harmoniously together! (I'm tamping down envy).

How did you like The White Queen? I like her novels, even if it seems to be fashionable to bash them lately.


Thanks! I like them, too. I enjoyed The White Queen, but I like The Other Boelyn Girl, better.

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Great socks!! I love all the colors.

julie k

I wish I could find my sock mojo. Yours are lovely.


Those are happy socks! Your feet need to be pampered with these, for sure!

Shameme Adams

WOW!! :), oh they are great!!. I dream of having a pair like these!!. I fell inlove with them instantly!!. The colours are amazing!. What a shame the girl who dyes the yarn no longer does it as i would be hinting!!, ha ha. I'm a girl with an illness too and so little things like that mean a lot but yes...feel a happier person just by seeing them!!.
Thanks for sharing!!
Shameme x

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