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November 22, 2011



I DO love holiday themed stories. Like A Christmas Carol... I usually follow along a nice theme with the kids though ;)
And well done on all your knitting :) The socks look lovely!


I love those socks. That stack is wonderful too. That's right, there is always holiday reading too! Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh and thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet you. Of course, I meant Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate this Thursday; I can't tell how far up north you are. ;)


Well done, I'm way behind on my gift knitting! But I am optimistic.
I haven't been reading anything festive, but I'm getting into the advent mood, so I might just pick something up!


Wow, everyone is gift knitting. I think I might have left my run a bit late!

amanda {the habit of being}

nothing is as lovely as a stack of yarn cakes. it just speaks of possibility and time well spent :)

Taryn Oakley

Sounds like you have been a busy knitter!


I'm not very good at multi-hobbying either ... read or knit, but both at the same time? very tricky! I thought I was the only one that said things like "I'm feeling festive"! Glad to meet a kindred spirit...and a neighbor no less! :-)


love that photo, the lighting is spectacular!


I would love to have a stack of yarn like you have!! So inspirational!!


Those socks look beautiful. I seriously need to learn to knit socks....my feet need coziness here in Germany.

And I love Gregory Maguire. I am going to have to see if I can find his book at the library. Thanks for the inspiration!


Ooo, I'm curious about your book! Hope you're enjoying it!

Your yarn cakes looks delicious. ;)

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